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Scientific management promote the modern agriculture technology field


In order to ensure the "twelfth five-year" 863 plan the work smoothly, the modern agriculture technology recently, the 863 modern agriculture technology office conference room in the national ministry of science and technology authority organization advance will held areas.Field office director, deputy director general of ministry of science and technology NongCunSi zhi-wei guo, deputy director of the rural center Jiang Danping, planning department, the wealth, NongCunSi do members and 863 modern agriculture and the rural center field technology and subject expert group members, major project team a total of more than 40 people attended the meeting.Meeting by the modern agriculture technology office director, deputy director general of rural slurry sampling zhi-wei guo.

The meeting, the planning department introduced 2014 2014 plan the overall work deployment;The fiscal department of the state council formally issued "several opinions in detail, mainly introduced the direction of the national scientific research funds management reform;NongCunSi plans for 863 to 2013 in the field of modern agricultural technology is summarized, and the deployment of the 2014 work;Rural center reported 863 2013 mid-term examination plan modern agriculture technology, summarizes the common problems found during the inspection.7 theme team to attend the meeting as well as the five major project team investigated related topics or major project progress report in detail.Positive freedom experts attending the meeting discussion, bao-guo sun academicians, huan-chun Chen academician, researcher xu-rong mei experts attending the meeting for the project implementation put forward many valuable Suggestions.

Will at the end of the field zhi-wei guo, director of the office, deputy director of the "twelfth five-year" 863 plan summary on the modern agriculture technology advance will work.Fully affirmed the 863 plan subject panel members and major project group work, think 863 good overall plan of modern agricultural technology progress and highlight outstanding and effective process management;He also for intermediate inspection found problems in the process of put forward the improvement Suggestions;Do work plan and implement the field this year, strengthen technology forecasting and do a good job in "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning" cohesion key task requirements are put forward.
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