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Urumqi plunged by heavy snow leaves sales demand


Is located in Beijing chaoyang district went way wo shi of China company phone constantly these days, most of the phone calls for the xinjiang region, according to xinjiang on April 21, 22, the highest temperature is 21-22 degrees, but by the end of 22 to 23 in the middle of the night, the urumqi appeared sleet turned to the snow, cooling by 10 degrees or so, individual cooling up to 20 degrees.Urban lowest temperature will fall to 3 degrees below zero, all areas have frost appears.This sudden cooling, make crops in xinjiang area affected by freezing injury.In order to solve the sudden cold injury, all dealers, major, and construction corps, through various channels to understand the leaf of thawing magical effect.

Walter leaf is by Israel's international group, research and development, in 2009 after Israel's walter functionality fertilizer (China) co., LTD, China agricultural research institute, China agricultural university and so on scientific research in colleges and universities, after more than 3700 demonstration experiment, effects of leaf function effect and quality of products, in the Chinese market has uniqueness.

1, the effects of leaf function, with imports of immunoglobulin polymer as the core material, it can quickly permeate into plant cells, strengthen and improve the function of plant itself, greatly improve the performance of cell immune to disease resistance, cold resistance, drought resistance activation crops beneficial bacterium group itself.

2, immunoglobulin can instantly penetrate into the polymer to plant cells, repair damaged cells, make damaged tissue regeneration and repair.For fertilizers, caused by the improper use of the adr and residues have obvious effect, a large number of application in fact: walter leaf detoxification solution making effect extremely mysterious!

3, with Israel imports sunshine coli 200 million/mg (note: according to a large number of tests confirmed that probiotics in the nature of survival limit of 200 million/mg) number, and greatly improve the effect of crop photosynthesis, rapid increase of dry matter of plants to form, increase yield significantly.

4, specially added rare earth multiple nutrients, is different from the ordinary of rare earth on market, leaves more easily absorbed, effect is more obvious.

5, warner music by biological chelating and become, advanced technology, 18 kinds of amino acids and rich in crops needed for large, medium, trace elements and rare earth nutrition agent, can fully replenish crop nutrition needed, continuous use, crop season no deficiency.

6, during the production, after many electrolysis, magnetization process etc, make it contains nutrients ion state, are more likely to be absorbed.Magnetization technology, can make it easier for nutrients adhesion on crops, improve the utilization rate, is five times that of ordinary liquid fertilizer, greatly reducing costs.

7, walter leaves does not contain any plant endogenous hormones and chemical synthetic hormones, work is slower than the hormone products, 3-5 can see the obvious effect, but enough staying power, the effective length, resistance increase obviously.

8, does not add any pigment leaves, truly green pollution-free products, the maximum guarantee crops from chemicals.

9, add special antifreeze gene leaves, activate the enzyme, increase the stability of the cell, kill ice nucleation bacteria breeding, reduce the freezing capacity, increase crop resistance to low temperature freezing injury ability, can effectively increase the density and length of lateral root crops, crop root system to absorb water and nutrients from the soil is strengthened, the early spring, late autumn, and winter crop fight cold ability is greatly increased, promote crop growth, maintain green fresh not aging.

1, the drought resistance and cold resistance

More active polymer immune globulin, and by the root, stem and leaf absorption, and then spread to the work place, has the function of strengthen and improve the plant itself, make the plants grow strong, promote early, make plants take root quickly and, with slow seedlings and drought-resistant ability, make plant lateral root extension, make the plants current speed, increase the cold resistance ability.Activate plant antibody, resistance to a variety of diseases, bacteria, fungi, enhanced crop disease resistance.

2, solve slow seedling improve fruit-bearing rate

Walter leaf has the function of promoting the germination and pollen tube elongation will benefit the fertilization of plants, seed setting rate and fruit rate is increased.Is a stable system structure and function of membrane at the same time, maintain a high energy metabolism, regulating intracellular physiological environment, promote the normal physiological and biochemical metabolism, to enhance crop resistance to adverse environment, auxiliary disadvantage some good crop growth, thus solution to harm.

3, nutrition, reduce fertilizer use to increase production

He leaves in the process of preparation process, such as electrolysis, magnetization contains 18 kinds of amino acids and needed for the crops large, medium and trace elements and rare earth nutrition multiple agent, comprehensive nutrition, increase significantly.Can activate soil, reduce fertilizer usage by 30%.

Believe walter Ye Ding can help xinjiang region the broad masses of farmers to frost damage losses to a minimum.
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