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Don't you know that Israel's agricultural water saving?


Israel is a country with a serious shortage of water resources, only 365 cubic meters per capita water resources, irrigation area of 220000 hectares, agricultural water consumption accounts for 62% of the total water supply.

In order to improve the efficiency of irrigation water, all Israel irrigation farmland adopted modern sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation technology and automatic control technology, make the average utilization rate of 90%, irrigation water of drip irrigation area accounts for two-thirds of its total irrigated area.

Within the territory of Israel's water law to all water resources shall be owned by the state, must be specifically designed to meet the needs of the residents needs and national development.Water conservancy committee is in charge of the national water resources management, including water resources policy, distribution, water quota, water planning and development of water resources planning, and to prevent pollution, development wastewater, desalination equipment developed, protecting soil and sewage, etc.Israel's water resources commission water quota assigned to agricultural producers to 70% a year, and then according to the total precipitation, distribution of the remaining quota.To encourage water saving, water conservancy commission agricultural producers of Israel according to their percent of its water quota water fees.

Israeli agricultural water technology in a leading position in the world, agricultural water-saving ability is very strong.Irrigation methods, for example, with the use of pressure, water consumption of per unit area of land of Israel has fallen by 50% ~ 70%.In addition, many crops in the field use of treated wastewater irrigation, through the use of circulating water, not only save water resources, and conducive to the ecological environment.

Israel's drip irrigation equipment per hour can range 1 ~ 20 litres of water supply, the highest water utilization rate of 95%, very suitable for planting.Soilless cultivation, for example, USES the low flow drip nozzle, detailed in the greenhouse planting often need to consume large amounts of water, and the design of drip irrigation system for greenhouse application, using the low flow shower heads, 200 ml water supply only an hour.Using this method of irrigation is unique in water can be evenly distributed in the culture medium, reduce water loss.

Israel all irrigation can be controlled by computer.Computerized operation can complete real-time control, also can perform a series of procedures, monitoring work, and able to work for a long time, precise, reliable, and save manpower.In the process of irrigation, applying if the system record the sewage sludge content has certain deviation compared with the requirements, the system will automatically shut down irrigation device, the computer system also allows the operator preset program, with intervals for irrigation.These systems can help to collect information about the irrigation sensors, such as buried in the ground humidity sensor, is responsible for collecting soil moisture information.There is a sensor that can detect the diameter of the stem and fruit of plants through changes, to decide on plant irrigation interval, the sensors and computer connected directly, when need to irrigation, it will automatically open the irrigation system.
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