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Walter leaf stems from the world's best Israel foliar fertilizer


Israel as the world's only built on the developed countries on the desert, he on agricultural technology lead the world's average level in one hundred.

In Israel, have deep love for agriculture, farming glory has become deeply rooted in social fashion.In Israel's economy highly developed today, although agriculture accounts for the proportion of GDP is falling, the government still stressed the importance of agriculture in various aspects, support the development of agriculture, has played a positive role in guiding.

Walter leaf is originated from the country's most powerful enterprises, Israel's walter group.Speak of, wo shi, farmers will Israel a thumbs-up, if you know that Israel's walter development course, you will respect to the enterprise.Israel farmers a thumbs-up is understandable.Walter leaf is the world's first use of polymer immunoglobulin for core functional liquid fertilizer, has uniqueness in the world, this is a proud of agriculture in Israel.

Characteristic based on farmers' collective organization of Israel is a kibbutz (collective farm) with communism color and shaft (with the colour of socialist rural communes).From the Israeli settlement movement until today, before the founding of the two groups in the agricultural production and the development and utilization of water resources played a huge role.Early in the thirties of the last century, farmers in jewish settlements began to unite, to raise funds, formulate the development and utilization of deep groundwater water conservancy experts, successfully guaranteed the relatively steady supply of water resources.Since 1935, construction of large-scale water supply works, project leader Levi Mr Cole went on to become prime minister of Israel.Since 1939, there will be a lot about water supply plan to southern negev desert region.1943 experimental settlements are located in the negev desert, committed to the research in this area hydrogeology, water resources, suitable for crop cultivation techniques in this area, etc.Since 1952, Israel cost $1952, with 11 years to build the 145 - kilometer - long "defrosts water main line, and then to small diameter pipeline to all over the country, many places must use the pump to the mountain settlement.

Cucumber in Israel degree is high, the water problem solving, to solve is "fat", in 1959 established under the support of national ministry of science and technology, ministry of agriculture in Israel's new fertilizers national laboratory.In 1964, drip irrigation (dropping irrigation) in Israel, drip irrigation has fundamentally changed the traditional farming methods., he began to focus on the new breed of drip irrigation fertilizer.In 1982, walter first proposed function application concepts, the agriculture department and other departments more than on the basis of national laboratory, wo shi new fertilizer, fertilizer national laboratory set up function, determine the fertilizer research direction in the coming decades.Become the world's first mainly functional fertilizer research of high-tech enterprises., wo shi progress actually represents the Israeli agricultural progress.

Now, has experienced the negev desert in the desert in one thousand, more than million hectares of desert and oasis per hectare greenhouse has one season can harvest 3 million roses, one hectare of greenhouse tomato yield up to 500 tons.The farmers' income has increased from $170 a year to more than $10000.In only 6% of the land area of Israel in the desert, the export of fresh fruit and vegetables have half the nation's total exports accounted for Israel, flower exports accounted for 12%.Wisdom and hardworking Israeli national in the function of agricultural efficient water use, fertilizer efficiency tasted the sweet of the fruit of success.Walter leaf was born in such an environment growing effects of magical function, said that he is worthy of the world's best foliar fertilizer.Wo shi group to Israeli agriculture has made outstanding contributions.
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