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ann Fargo herbicide safety control agent 500 g


Ann Fargo is promotion area is the most popular in the world of weeding safety control agent, the herbicide dominant, recessive adr prevention, decomposition, side effects of prevention and control, crop yield, etc. The world's leadingAnn Fargo mechanism not inhibit herbicides, but the transformation of the crop electronic, enzyme, do not affect the weed control effect with mixture of herbicides, and avoid and reduce the occurrence of adr.

Mechanism of action
Ann Fargo in rice, wheat, peanuts, corn, beans, vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and other plants.Can and simetryne (simetryn), a short cycling duration, amino benzene sulfonic, benzene sulfonic lung, glyphosate and 2, 4-d, acetochlor and atrazine, chlorine its cycling, tobacco smoke, fine grain ketoneses spirit, its cycling, four chloride, dimethyl chloroquine Lin acid and so on the many kinds of commonly used herbicides mixture,
1, prevention of herbicide phytotoxicity
When using the herbicide to join Fargo, can prevent and reduce the herbicide recessive phytotoxicity of crops.
2, treatment (ease) herbicide phytotoxicity
Caused by improper use of herbicides or residual herbicide phytotoxicity of spray ShiAn Fargo herbicide residues can accelerate the decomposition of the crop, crop quickly returned to normal growth.
3, decomposition of residual soil
Continuous use Ann Fargo, can thoroughly decomposed herbicide residues in soil, shorten the safety interval of herbicide is sensitive to the wheat-rice crop, increase the flexibility of the rotation low-toxin chemical, to prevent the occurrence of adr after crop.
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