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May Day sets on May 1 of every year, which is the common holiday of the whole world's proletariat and working people. This festival comes from the workers' strike of Chicago. On May 1,1886. More than two hundred and sixteen thousand workers hold general strike for fight for eight-hour working day, and finally won after a long bloody struggle. To memory the great struggle in July 1889, the second international announced on May 1st each year as international labor day. Since then, the working people from whole world celebrate on this day.

The Chinese people celebrate the activity of the May Day, which can trace back to 1918. In this year, some knowledge members of revolution at Shanghai, Suzhou ground sends forth to introduce toward crowd"51" of hand bill. On May 1 in 1920, worker’s crowd of Peking, Shanghai, Guangzhou city goes into the street to hold the huge parade of threatening force and hold a meeting. After new China establish, our country in December of 1949 set 51 for the legal May Day.

In the present, May Day is not only a memorial day but also a vacation. On this day people will go out to play to alleviate the pressure of work.

Finally, Xinmi Wanli Industry Development CO., LTD. wish you a Happy May Day Festival.
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