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Grape spraying foliar fertilization techniques


Grape spraying foliar fertilizer, leaf area wide and rapid fertilizer effect, the province province, is a grape fertilization methods.Foliar fertilizer to get best effect, the main technical points should grasp the following:

1. The optimum spray fertilizer.In general, in all can use of foliar fertilizer, grape throughout the growing season is best before new shoots grow leaf spraying, push pin, leaves in flowering stage, fruit spraying, "steady steady fruit fat";Fruit enlargement period leaf spraying, "strong".Flowering spraying leaf, fruit more, the effect is good;Berry softening spraying water leaves early role;In the whole growth period can be applied effects of leaf function, can improve quality, increase yield and disease resistance.

2. Spray fertilizer weather and time.Foliar fertilizer, and the influence of wind, temperature, humidity is very large.In a certain range, the higher the temperature, the faster the blade suction fat;Humidity is bigger, the more fat absorption;The smaller wind speed, liquid fertilizer on leaf wetness, the longer the more fat absorption and the smaller drift losses, to improve the effect of spray fertilizer, the best choose the spraying on the cloudy day without wind, sunny days are appropriate in a comfortable temperature (25 ℃ - 18 ℃), humidity is bigger, less evaporation in the morning or evening.

3. The method of spray fertilizer.Grape leaves corneous layer thinner than old leaves, fat liquid osmotic quantity;Leaves the back hole is more than the leaf positive, absorb quickly.Therefore, grape foliar fertilizer should give priority to with tender tip, young leaves and leaf on the back of the.Spray fertilizer to fog particles small, uniform, spray leaves all wet, liquid fertilizer is about to drip and not fall within the limit.According to the need can be a variety of mixed fertilizer spraying, can also be used to spray pesticide mixed and prevent diseases and pests.

4, spraying leaf, can resist a variety of grape disease occurs, improve grape fruit setting rate, increase the sugar content.Promote early fruit, early coloring.
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