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Middle main prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests of wheat


        According to the Beijing crop diseases and pests monitoring network monitoring, is expected to 2014 Beijing overall to medium, plant diseases and insect pests of wheat wheat aphid generally lay particular stress on, suck pulp worm local heavy occurrence, prevention and control situation is more serious.In order to do a good job of this year the city's main prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests of wheat, guarantee the wheat harvest, now the later period of wheat main pest control method is introduced as follows.Powdery mildew Wheat booting, heading stage, when the strain rate was 15% ~ 15% or disease leaves rate was 8% ~ 15%, 15% available per powder rust rather wet powder 50 grams or 20% powder rust ning was 40 grams per acre, 10 kg to spray the water, one can control the disease.Sheath blight Can come on after from seedling stage to jointing stage, mainly infect stem and leaf sheath at base.Sclerotium bacteria or mycelium on murder plant residues in the soil in summer or winter, become the main source for fungus infection for the first time.Usually in the field before the winter peak and jointing-booting stage to form two spread disease.Physical prevention and treatment: select disease-resistant varieties, suitable sowing.According to the variety characteristics, soil fertility, seeding time and other factors to determine the reasonable amount, prevent rate caused by wheat seeding growth too close, create conditions for disease development.Use rotten fertilizers, nitrogen fertilizer, cannot excessive application and cooperation under the expected, enhance plant disease resistance.Chemical control: drug seed treatment.With 0.1% of seed weight by 0.1% ~ 0.12% powder rust ning (triadimefon wettable powder) the seed;Field control in wheat seeding late tillering, with 15% powder per acre rust would rather to wet powder 100 grams, or 40% carbendazim rubber suspension agent 100 grams, 10 kg to spray the water.aphids Check first to make a good plant, when wheat field of aphid amount exceeds 500 head, or enemy units with aphids than in more than 1, 100, the need to control.With 10% imidacloprid wettable powder per acre 20 ~ 30 g + 80% dichlorvos ec 50 ml, or 10% imidacloprid 4.5% wettable powder 20 ~ 30 g + efficient cypermethrin ec 40 ~ 50 ml, evenly spray water 30 kg.Suction pulp insect pest control suction pulp has two key period: one is the pupal stage and poison prevention and cure of soil, reduce the number of larvae pupate soft edges;Second, adult stage spray control, elimination of adult, reduce the larvae.Pupal stage control available per acre 40% phoxim ec 200 ~ 300 ml, add right amount water and 25 to 30 kg, fine sand and mixed evenly along the wheat ridge broadcasting, and make it fall into the earth's surface, as much as possible without precipitation after applying pesticide should be watered appropriately.If miss pupal stage prevention and cure, can fill in adult stage, available per acre 10% imidacloprid wettable powder 20 g + 80% dichlorvos ec 50 ml, or 4.5% efficient cypermethrin emulsifiable solution 40 ~ 50 ml + 80% dichlorvos ec 50 ml, evenly spray water 30 kg.The heavy In the early those of wheat per mu in 80% carbendazim micro powder 50 grams or wettable powder 100 grams, 10 kg to spray the water, if those during the continuous rain, for the first time after 7 days to use again.Plant protection unit of Beijing zhang jl Dong Jie jian-guo Yang
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