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The first new type of fertilizer industry in China annual report


Annual report first new type of fertilizer industry in China - the new annual development of fertilizer industry analysis report (2013) ".The report pointed out that the current new fertilizer industry in technology research and development, production and promotion, there are many problems in the process of from scientific research to realize healthy and sustainable development needs, the government management, attaches great importance to production sales and use, etc.

The report by the ministry of industry and raw materials department entrusted the northeast Asia development research institute of industrial economics research institute.The report will be the new fertilizer is divided into six categories: slow controlled release fertilizer and stability, commodity organic fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer material, medium trace element fertilizer, new functional fertilizer, etc.The report pointed out that the trend of the development of the new type of fertilizer is slowly become fertilizer industry, especially the stability with slow controlled release fertilizer and fertilizer, commodity organic fertilizer and water soluble fertilizer for represents a new type of fertilizer industry develops rapidly, technology level, industry scale, etc to increase quickly, but as a result of industry admittance threshold low, lack of market regulation and other factors, the new type of fertilizer industry exist coax fry bad concept, product standards, regulatory responsibilities clear, and many other problems.

The report pointed out that the new type of fertilizer industry in China in 2013 to present new development characteristics, such as a large number of enterprises begin to enter the new field of fertilizer, fertilizer industry and capital and scale features increasingly prominent, industry innovation and industry self-discipline by enterprise more and more attention.

"Reports" believe that the future will appear the following trend of development of the new type of fertilizer industry in China: one is a new type of fertilizer market will return to the rational, fertilizer products will stabilize, economies of scale will become dominant advantage;2 it is to reduce cost and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer material, solve the problem of environmental pollution, the focus of research into the industry's core technology transformation, each big manufacturer in increasing the financial input in technology equipment, technology innovation to realize the transformation of industry from quantitative change to qualitative change;Article 3 it is the whole chain of investment control industry chain organization mode is becoming industry trends, major link in the industrial chain of distribution is no longer confined to a single within the province, but has become increasingly based on the national platform operation;Four is along with the new type of fertilizer industry standards, market regulation strictly, and the rising cost of manpower, logistics, raw material resources, research and development ability and the regional resources superiority gradually enhance enterprise competitiveness, fertilizer products will gradually innovation of marketing mode.

The report recommends that should be in the new type of fertilizer industry innovation and development, and create a national industry alliance, set up a officer, production, study and research, information collaboration platform, elements to promote cooperation, promote the industry self-discipline, and guide and guard a pass on the technology, improve the ability to respond to new products and new dosage forms of monitoring, tracking, boost industry development.Should correctly understand the new fertilizer of localization in China, the state should step up research on new type fertilizer guidance, strengthen the government's guidance and supervision of market, for some types of fertilizer on the policy support, including giving new fertilizer are exempt form VAT preferential policies, the use of new type fertilizer subsidies, etc.
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