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Uber two French executive detained Is accused of illegally   PUBLISHED:2013-06-30

According to England "financial times" reported on June 30, Uber at France's two top executives yesterday detained by the police, they were charged with conspiring to organize illegal operations, just a few days...点击详情

The best solution  PUBLISHED:2013-06-23

According to different crop growth characteristics such as climate, soil environment and planting habit,, wo shi launched "crop health management plan", is used to help the healthy growth of different crops....点击详情

Pay special attention to the middle management of wheat  PUBLISHED:2014-06-10

Since the wheat root temperature obviously on the high side, sufficient sunlight, plant diseases and insect pests with wheat development process also happens in advance, therefore, field management and pest control ...点击详情

Grape spraying foliar fertilization techniques  PUBLISHED:2015-06-23

The optimum spray fertilizer.In general, in all can use of foliar fertilizer, grape throughout the growing season is best before new shoots grow leaf spraying, push pin, leaves in flowering stage, fruit spraying, "...点击详情

Middle main prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests of wheat  PUBLISHED:2014-05-12

According to the Beijing crop diseases and pests monitoring network monitoring, is expected to 2014 Beijing overall to medium, plant diseases and insect pests of wheat wheat aphid generally lay particular stress o...点击详情

The first new type of fertilizer industry in China's annual report  PUBLISHED:2013-04-15

Annual report first new type of fertilizer industry in China - the new annual development of fertilizer industry analysis report (2013) ".The report pointed out that the current new fertilizer industry in technolo...点击详情

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