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Scientific management promote the modern agriculture technology field  PUBLISHED:2014-01-29

In order to ensure the "twelfth five-year" 863 plan the work smoothly, the modern agriculture technology recently, the 863 modern agriculture technology office conference room in the national ministry of science and...点击详情

Urumqi plunged by heavy snow leaves sales demand  PUBLISHED:2014-06-25

Walter leaf is by Israel's international group, research and development, in 2009 after Israel's walter functionality fertilizer (China) co., LTD, China agricultural research institute, China agricultural un...点击详情

Don't you know that Israel's agricultural water saving?  PUBLISHED:2014-06-09

Within the territory of Israel's water law to all water resources shall be owned by the state, must be specifically designed to meet the needs of the residents needs and national development.Water conservancy comm...点击详情

Walter leaf stems from the world's best Israel foliar fertilizer  PUBLISHED:2014-06-22

In Israel, have deep love for agriculture, farming glory has become deeply rooted in social fashion.In Israel's economy highly developed today, although agriculture accounts for the proportion of GDP is fallin...点击详情

Leaves open a farmer agricultural materials in dream  PUBLISHED:2014-06-17

May Day sets on May 1 of every year, which is the common holiday of the whole world's proletariat and working people. This festival comes from the workers' strike of Chicago. On May 1,1886. More than two hund...点击详情

The first new type of fertilizer industry in China annual report  PUBLISHED:2015-06-18

Annual report first new type of fertilizer industry in China - the new annual development of fertilizer industry analysis report (2013) ".The report pointed out that the current new fertilizer industry in technolo...点击详情

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